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  • Computer Expert Witnessing

    Race Associates are typically approached by solicitors who have legal cases involving technical computer evidence. A defence solicitor, for example, may receive a technical report from a police High Tech Crime Unit laying out a technical case against their client. The report may be difficult to understand, or incomplete in terms of providing evidence relating to any statement made by the defendant.

    Race Associates can interpret the prosecution report for the non-technical defence team, and undertake our own investigation on the defendant's behalf, using the same tools as the police and some additional techniques of our own. Our report may be submitted in evidence, we attend case conferences to advise solicitors and counsel on the implications of the evidence, and we attend court to give evidence or provide further guidance to counsel during the course of the trial.

    The same techniques and approach can be applied in civil and employee disciplinary cases. We have acted as Single Joint Expert under the Woolf rules in civil cases - essentially as a trusted impartial technical expert.

    Our cases have included:
  • Software piracy
  • Software quality and contract dispute
  • Fire damage to a factory process control system
  • Credit card fraud
  • Software and document counterfeiting
  • Possession of child pornography and other material
  • Harassment by email
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Assault
  • Terrorism
  • Murder.

    For some more specific examples, see our page of example cases.