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    Case Experience

    Here are a few examples of cases that Race Associates have worked on.

  • Charges of making and possession of indecent images. Our client, with a high profile job in public service, was accused of possessing indecent images from the internet on his PC. We extracted various information from the hard disk drive, and put together an integrated picture of our client's activity when the files were downloaded, using his complete internet browsing history and other information. The court used our report as the basis of establishing our client's intentions and to confirm the evidence he gave in court and in interview. He was acquitted of all charges.

  • An alleged timesheet fraud by a member of staff in a hospital trust. The prosecution case used evidence from systems for recording operations as a basis for checking the timesheets. We showed that the evidence was unreliable, by performing various consistency checks. We quickly showed that the information was entirely inconsistent, with the same operating theatre apparently being used for more than one operation at the same time, and the surgeons and anaethetists being in two places at once. We backed up this analysis with an audit of the system, interviewing the Head of Information Technology and others at the NHS Trust, revealing that the system was entirely inappropriate as a basis for checking timesheets.

  • Charges of making and possession of indecent images. Our client was accused of possessing indecent images. The police had recovered images from the unallocated clusters of his computer's hard disk drive. These recovered images had no time and date information associated with them. Our client instructed that he had bought the hard disk drive from a dubious source. We extracted other files from the unallocated clusters, and noted that there were other files which suggested that the hard disk had been used by another individual. On receiving our report, the CPS dropped the charges.

  • Employment tribunal for claimed unfair dismissal. Our client, a financial organisation, had dismissed an employee for abusing use of the internet. The internal audit department had produced certain evidence, but this had been disputed by the employee. We obtained significant extra exidence from sources not available with standard administration tools, and produced a full picture of the employee's activities. The tribunal ruled that the dismissal was justified.