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  • About Race Associates

    Race Associates provide a range of services in the area of computer security and investigation. Our principal expertise is in:
  • the forensic examination of Personal Computers and other equipment
  • extracting information relevant to particular investigations
  • presenting evidence in a clear and usable form for our clients
  • advising clients on how to prevent the misuse of their computer systems
  • helping academic institutions to set up courses in computer forensics.
  • giving seminars and other training on how forensic techniques can support various other professions

    Our services are used particularly in the area of criminal and civil law, where we act as expert witnesses, and also in in employee disciplinary cases.

    Forensic analysis can provide a great deal of information about the previous and current use of computer equipment. Your PC, for example, contains details of your web browsing history, many of your passwords, documents you have written, and conversations you have made using messenger software. Although you may have deleted this information, and even re-formatted your hard disk and re-installed Windows, much of this can still be recovered by a forensic analyst.

    In all that we do, our aim is to make the results of our investigations clear to our clients. Our long experience in business and working with barristers and solicitors enables us to understand their needs, and to talk to them in language they understand.